Rebecca Boutin
Rebecca has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount St. Joseph’s College in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She enjoys being creative and experimenting with various mediums.  Rebecca is a freelance graphic designer and recently completed the Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ new logo.  Rebecca shares her passion of art with the other artists in the studio and supports them with words of encouragement.
Ben Fledderjohann
Ben’s artwork has a definite Disney influence.  Originally from California, Ben has visited Disneyland numerous times for inspiration.  Ben loves to draw the layout of Disneyland, as well as many of the beloved characters.  He is a serious artist and becomes very engrossed in his work, which is extremely detailed and meticulous.
Bill Bowden
Bill is a very serious artist.  His work can be emotionally moving, as well as captivating.  His unique personality keeps us all smiling.
Carl Bonifield
Carl has been drawing for many years.  He loves to draw nature, especially trees and flowers.  It is wonderful to see his perspective on the world we live in.  He is very focused when creating his works of art.  Carl will give you a smile that will light up your day.
Leslie Davis
Leslie is one colorful artist!  She incorporates many colors into her work that are pleasing to the eye.  Leslie typically chooses soft pastels, but will occasionally go over to the wild side and use bold colors.
Marilou Robnolte
Marilou has a keen eye for designing greeting cards.  Additionally, she likes to draw houses and adds a touch of whimsy to her colorful creations.  One look at one of Marilou’s houses and you’ll want to move right into her neighborhood.
Mike Smith
Mike’s expertise is portraits.  He has an incredible talent for capturing the right expression.  He loves to listen to music and to dance.  Mike’s hidden talent for drawing was a chance discovery by a astonished co-worker as he was drawing at the Industries one day.  The secret is out!  Now we all enjoy his art.
Staci Stewart
Staci is a very talented artist.  She has a unique way of putting her sunny disposition into her art.  The characters she draws are always smiling and colorful.  We anticipate a great future for Staci in art.
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"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." 
~Charles Horton Cooley
"The artist's world is limitless.  It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.  It is always on his doorstep."
~Paul Strand
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